Iconic Killer Criminals Join Your Spectre Operation Games

November 1, 2023 by brennon

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Halloween might have been and gone but that doesn't mean that you can't add some killer criminals into the mix during your games of Spectre Operations. See what you think of the Iconic Killer Crew which you can get printed on demand from Spectre Miniatures.

Iconic Killers Crew - Spectre Miniatures

The Iconic Killer Crew // Spectre Miniatures

These Criminals have picked up masks from the local store based on their favourite slashers from the movies. You've got Michael, Jason, Leatherface and Ghostface all armed with different weapons and wearing tactical vests. Michael has an M16, Jason has a SPAS 12, Leatherface carries a SAW (hah) and Ghostface is rocking a retro take on the AA-12.

These could be great for your standard games of Spectre Operations or you could use them for a themed scenario where these killers just keep coming back, no matter how many times your squad takes them out! Set your game in a spooky haunted house or the middle of a very eerie cornfield!

Beat Cops

As well as the Iconic Killer Crew, you can also get a pair of American Police miniatures which could be useful for your scenarios as well.

American Police - Spectre Miniatures

American Police // Spectre Miniatures

Useful as Police Officers in any city across the States, these Police Officers are wearing their standard uniforms although one of them is rocking a vest kit. The other has their equipment on their belt. Both are also rocking bodycams and one of the officers has pulled the Benelli M4 shotgun from the trunk as they are clearly responding to a violent call.

I like the idea of using these miniatures at the start of a scenario. The player in charge of the good guys has control of these two officers as they respond to a bank heist. You can use them for the first few turns, scoping out the bank before they are either taken out or find themselves being helpful allies inside the bank when the heavily armed officers arrive.

All of these miniatures are 3D Printed by Spectre Miniatures in-house! 

"These Criminals have picked up masks from the local store based on their favourite slashers from the movies..."

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