Mortars Rain Down Hell From Victrix Games In 12mm Preview

April 27, 2020 by brennon

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Victrix Games has been showing off some more previews for their upcoming 12mm World War II range. Recently, they dropped some previews of a new 81mm Mortar Team.

German Mortar Crew - Victrix Games

As you can see, they have gone to a lot of effort to create each individual member of the team and even though they are very, very small, they seem to have a fair bit of detail in their designs. I always like little weapon teams like this as they are effectively mini-dioramas.

In addition to the Mortar Team above, they also showed off more detailed elements of their weapon teams. You'll also notice a radio operator as part of this little preview too, making sure that things are going well on the front lines.

German Command Elements - Victrix Games

Whilst a lot of folks are unsure about the 12mm scale, it does seem to be making for a fun range with plenty of depth. They have already been tinkering with tanks and the like but I am much more interested in the infantry.

Are you going to be picking up their range when it gets released?

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