Sarissa Precision Build Up An Industrial Battlefield

May 21, 2019 by brennon

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Sarissa Precision has now released a new set of terrain which works for those battling through an industrial landscape. The main release is their large Warehouse kit which gives you a big space to hold off zombies during the apocalypse.

Warehouse - Sarissa Precision

The Warehouse comes with multiple floors and lots of access and such inside for dynamic and narrative scuffles with the undead. If you're more into your historical games this could be a good place to set your drug busts or attacks on insurgent groups who are using this as a base of operations. Stick a few guards on the roof and you've got an infiltration mission.

Scenarios get more interesting with the addition of these Porta Cabins too.

Porta Cabin Set - Sarissa Precision

You could have a few of these dotted around the industrial sector. Your team knows that the information they need is in one of them and they just have to work out which one. This seems like the perfect way to set up a cool stealth mission!

There's even a chance to make things a little more interesting with lots of scatter terrain like the Water Storage Tank.

Water Storage Tank - Sarissa Precision

A nice bit of cover to hide behind when the firefight starts!

As well as the Water Storage Tank there's also Concrete Traffic Barriers (Low), Concrete Traffic Barriers (High), Crowd Control Barriers, Street Lights and a Bus Shelter. All of these help to create the look and feel of a run-down industrial landscape where crime is running rampant.

Will you be checking these new pieces of terrain out?

"This seems like the perfect way to set up a cool stealth mission!"

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