Sarissa Precision Construct A New Army Compound

April 23, 2019 by brennon

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Sarissa Precision has dropped some more terrain for those of you looking to build up a range of cool options for Historical wargame, especially around the period of World War II.

Barracks - Sarissa Precision

We kick things off with the Barracks Block that you can see above. The set looks like it would work for those building up prisoner of war camps, ready to be liberated and/or escaped from towards the end of the war. The interiors are fully detailed too with options for bunk beds and a stove too.

Barracks Interior - Sarissa Precision

This looks like the perfect place for you to put together a daring escape plan. Of course, this doesn't have to be used as a place to keep prisoners and could well be a good staging ground for the further liberation of Europe by the Allies after the events of D-Day.

Plans Within Plans

As well as the standard Barracks that you can get, Sarissa also put together this Guard Barracks & Office Block which would act as the place where those running the compound would be based.

Guard Barracks & Office - Sarissa Precision

It looks pretty much the same from the outside, if a little squatter, but comes with more interior details which show off a small office space.

Barracks & Office Interior - Sarissa Precision

I think if you're going to be planning a raid on this compound this is where the enemy officer and his subordinates would be based. You could play out some Action Comics style adventures here as your fearless soldiers head off deep behind enemy lines in search of a particular foe.

Keep Your Nose Clean

We also have this larger Washhouse terrain piece which helps add character to the compound and also provides you with some good cover when the shooting starts.

Washhouse - Sarissa Precision

I quite like the idea of maybe getting back to some classic Marvel adventures with Captain America and his friends going off to face down Hydra during World War II.

Sniper Roost

Finally, for this terrain selection, we also have a series of Watchtowers which will no doubt be strategically placed around the perimeter.

Watchtower - Sarissa Precision

Put a few snipers up in these and you'll have some targets for your squad to take out before they can get inside and free the prisoners or raid this compound. You could do a lot with this terrain, some simplified rules from Bolt Action or Chain Of Command and a Games Master running how things develop!

What do you make of the new terrain options?

"You could play out some Action Comics style adventures here..."

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