Spectre Head Into The Jungle With New Operational Supplement

September 19, 2018 by brennon

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Spectre Miniatures are heading into the jungle with their newest free supplement for Spectre Operations. Operation Jungle Storm provides players with specific rules and scenarios for fighting in different theatres; in this case, the depths of the jungle.

Spectre Operations Jungle Storm - Spectre Miniatures

This first supplement and subsequent releases will focus in on a series of linked campaign scenarios that will tell the story of events unfolding within these theatres of war.

Spectre Operations Jungle Storm #1 - Spectre Miniatures

Part One of Operation Jungle Storm will look towards a situation evolving in Nigeria. Both sides will be trying to complete a variety of different objectives throughout the campaign, playing out very narratively driven scenarios which focus on telling the story of the conflict and how your teams deal with it.

Spectre Operations Jungle Storm #2 - Spectre Miniatures

New equipment and rules have been thrown into the mix as well which focus your attention towards this particular theatre of war. The scenarios also give you the number of soldiers you need for each given mission meaning that this could be a great starting point for someone looking to get into Spectre Operations for the first time without worrying about what and what not to buy.

Give this one a download and let us know how your games go in the depths of the jungle!

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