Spectre Miniatures’ Modern Criminals Bring The Heavy Duty Kit

June 28, 2024 by brennon

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Spectre Miniatures has released a bunch of awesome new 28mm figures for use with your Modern Warfare-era wargames. There are some great options for you to choose from on both sides of the coin, both as criminals and those looking to shut down the criminals!

Criminal Element Heavies - Spectre Miniatures

Criminal Element Heavies // Spectre Miniatures

Leading the way, we have the Criminal Element group and their new Heavies. These represent the very, very well-equipped criminals from big crime groups and drug cartels that look to make a proper statement when they engage with rival powers and also law enforcement. They get options like the drum-fed AK47 and Compact Shotguns, LMGs and Milkor MGL. The grenade launcher can be loaded with both smoke and flash grenades as well as explosive ones so you can shut down your enemies.

The Leader of the group comes with the FAL which has some proper stopping power and of course, they are also laden with all the best accessories. You'll also note they are clad in body armour and ballistic face masks which means that Batman is going to have to get up close and personal to stop them. Oh, wrong game.

Next up, we have the next Aftermath release with a new Kill Team.

Aftermath Kill Team - Spectre Miniatures

Aftermath Kill Team // Spectre Miniatures

An Aftermath Kill Team is tasked with fighting in hazardous environments. They come in full CBRN suits with gasmasks and whilst this protects them in specific scenarios, they will have to deal with reduced awareness during Aftermath Scenarios in Spectre Operations. They get a great selection of weapons including suppressed AK-47s, PP019 Bizon SMGs, Saiga Shotguns and more.

You could use these to represent troops who have been sent into a deadly biohazard environment to "clean up" and look for survivors or silence them. I imagine a lot of folks would also like to use these in zombie-based scenarios in the near future!

Perhaps dealing with both of these crews, you can also get the Agent QRF Team which is also available from Spectre Miniatures.

Agents QRF - Spectre Miniatures

Agents QRF // Spectre Miniatures

A Quick Reaction Force has been put together to deal with a specific threat and in particular one that involves biological agents, as you can tell by their respirators. They are clad in civilian gear so they can pass amongst the populace easily enough before quickly gearing up and diving into the fighting. You get a good mix of different weapons in the set including a Commander with a shotgun and assault pack plus you've also got some heavy weapons.

I could see these being sent into a fight against the Kill Team above. Maybe the terrorists have unleashed some deadly toxin and are now cleaning up afterwards when this QRF drops into the mix and has to storm the building, searching for the culprits and their ring leader.

Vehicle Kits

As well as the foot troops, Spectre Miniatures has also released a bunch of vehicles for you to use as key pieces during a scenario or just as set dressing.

TFF - Spectre Miniatures

TFF // Spectre Miniatures

TFF AMV - Spectre Miniatures

TFF AMV // Spectre Miniatures

BMP-1 - Spectre Miniatures

BMP-1 // Spectre Miniatures

BMP-2 - Spectre Miniatures

BMP-2 // Spectre Miniatures

All of the miniatures that you see here are crafted in resin and will give you plenty of detail to get stuck into once you dive into the painting. It's good to see more and more crews popping up for Spectre Operations, especially with their game recently getting a new starter set and such that has drawn people in.

Are you tempted to scoop up some of these new Spectre figures and perhaps even those vehicles?

Drop your thoughts below...

"I imagine a lot of folks would also like to use these in zombie-based scenarios in the near future!"

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