Spectre Joins Patreon & Offer Modern Warfare STL Minis

May 16, 2022 by brennon

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Spectre Miniatures have popped up on Patreon to offer up digital miniatures to those who want to dive into more Modern Warfare on the tabletop. The idea is that the Patreon will offer up oddities and alternatives that would be too expensive to produce in metal in small numbers.

PTRD Sniper - Spectre Miniatures

PTRD Sniper // Spectre Miniatures

The opening offering for the Spectre Patreon was the PTRD Sniper that you see above. Ready and waiting, this fellow is getting ready to take out their target at extreme range. You could put together a neat scenario where the rest of his team is trying to herd the target into his line of sight so he can take the shot.

As well as the odd single miniature, the folks at Spectre are also working to produce unusual and alternative kit options, weapons and fighters. They are also working to produce more six-man squads as well that could be printed off at home. This gives you an idea of the quality of the STL files that you'll be getting from them.

Squad STL - Spectre Miniatures

Squad Digital Renders // Spectre Miniatures

As well as expanding the range of miniatures, Spectre has also talked about producing written content for backers as well. So, you might find new scenarios and supplements being added to Patreon releases each month. They have also talked about perhaps doing a World War II rules modification as well!

This is just the start of what Spectre is hoping to offer. They are new to the world of Patreon and are going to be chopping and changing things as they go to match what their community would be interested in. So, keep an eye out and let me know what you think!

It would be cool to see images of what people have printed off already for them if they are a backer! 

"They have also talked about perhaps doing a World War II rules modification as well!"

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