Trenchworx Taking Pre-Orders For New US D-Day Landing Set

May 27, 2021 by brennon

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Trenchworx has taken their US D-Day Landing Force Set which was destined for Kickstarter and put it up for pre-order on their webstore instead! You can storm the beaches of Normandy with your US Soldiers with a neat collection of World War II troopers and more.

D-Day Landing Force Set - Trenchworx

D-Day Landing Force Set // Trenchworx

The complete Landing Force can be picked up (as shown above) as a big bundle or you can check out the individual packs if that works better for you. All of the miniatures are scaled to 28mm so they should work alongside a lot of the other ranges out there.

You can pick up individual packs like the Command Team that you see painted up here.

D-Day Command Team - Trenchworx

D-Day Command Team // Trenchworx

You can also check out squads of soldiers armed with a variety of weapons and accessories for storming beaches. More specialised teams are also available with Mortars, Flamethrowers and a Bazooka team too.

D-Day Squad - Trenchworx

D-Day Squad // Trenchworx

I think this is a great set of miniatures for those that want to dive in and play out a particular moment in World War II. You can play out the invasion of the beaches and then a few of the skirmishes once the troops got off the beach too.

You can also snap up a Higgins Boat too if you're looking to break through the surf and show that utterly brutal moment when the doors come down and the machine guns start firing. An interesting way of recreating Saving Private Ryan on the tabletop perhaps?

Are you tempted to pick up these new US D-Day troops for your World War II wargames?

"An interesting way of recreating Saving Private Ryan on the tabletop perhaps?"

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