Victrix Games Finish 12mm WWII Falschirmjager For Release Soon!

January 26, 2022 by brennon

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Victrix Games has now shown off the final overview of their upcoming 12mm Falschirmjager range. If you're looking to add some elite soldiers to your World War II German army then watch out for this release soon.

12mm Falschirmjager Preview - Victrix

12mm Falschirmjager Preview // Victrix Games

These miniatures are now off to tooling and will be popping up on their webstore very soon. There are loads of infantry for you to use including rifles, MP40, FG42, ammo carriers and panzerfausts. You will also be able to throw heftier weapons into the mix too including 81mm mortars, 50mm mortars, MG42 and panzerschreck operators.

Officers and radio teams are also included in the mix allowing you to introduce command options when taking to the tabletop. This gives you, as mentioned earlier, the heart of an elite fighting force to use when pushing back against the Allies in 12mm.

As well as the miniatures here, more work is going into a Pak 40 crew and some other anti-tank weapons too. They want to try and pack as much as possible onto the frames when they release. Capping things off, you can also get a Pak 40 with SDKFZ 11 which will feature two types of crew in normal uniform and with camo-smock variants.

This is a great new option for the now pretty massive 12mm range by Victrix. They have done all of the main players for the battle in Europe with infantry and vehicles for the British, Americans and Germans.

Are you tempted to snap these up?

"This gives you the heart of an elite fighting force to use when pushing back against the Allies in 12mm..."

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