Zulus, Casualties & Command Vehicles Line Up At Perry Miniatures

October 12, 2017 by dracs

Perry has a couple of pieces on the way, including a newly released Dorchester Command Vehicle, and peak at some upcoming Zulus and the casualties of the Afghan War.

Take Command Of A Dorchester

The Dorchester Command Vehicle has just seen release, ready to drive into the Western Desert.


The Dorchester was a British made vehicle, but according to Perry's Facebook three were later captured and used as part of Rommel's HQ fleet.

The detail on this model is fantastic, especially the interior with its crew sculpted in a variety of poses and conducting different jobs. While these are British, Perry has hinted that they might come out with something to make it one of Rommel's famous three in the future.

Zulus Dawn On Perry Miniatures

Perry has also shown off the 3-Ups for some Zulu warriors who will soon be appearing to take over their webstore.


While these only show off a few of the sculpts that will be on the frame, we do get a good idea of how these minis will look on the battlefield. Again, it is the little touches of detail that add authenticity to Perry's sculpts, such as the addition of different head options for married and Unmarried Zulu.

Zulus Firearms

I particularly like that Perry include casualty minis, as it gives a far more dynamic impression than simply lining up troops.

And speaking of casualties...

Perry Show The Casualties Of The Afghan War

Finally, we come to three sets of casualties from the Afghan War, each one a different group involved in the conflict.

Casualties 1

Casualties 2

Casualties 3

Once again, Perry provide sculpts that make the scene far more cinematic than just removing models to represent taking casualties. I could imagine them being used as markers, or even just for an effective diarama.

Which of these different minis has you most excited?

"I could imagine them being used as markers, or even just for an effective diorama..."

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