Whimsical 3D Printable Fantasy Forest Homes On Kickstarter!

June 13, 2022 by fcostin

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Fantasy Designs have been on and off of Kickstarter for a bit now, with previous 'Pay What You Want', gorgeous STL file fantasy buildings alike mansions and houses. These settlements are well placed for any mid-town stop-off on your RPG adventures, or even centric to any magical 3D printed battle environment.

Fantasy Forest Kickstarter - Featured Image

Fantasy Forest Kickstarter // Fantasy Designs

Returning to Kickstarter with a much bigger campaign, Fantasy Designs has delved deeper into a new array of fantasy dwellings, bringing a whole host of fantasy building files that would prove wonderful to any enchanted woodland, with Fantasy Forest.

The Pouri Mansion - Fantasy Forest

The Pouri Mansion // Fantasy Forest Kickstarter

The set includes at least 19 different types of building, from your portals to your house stilts with chances that there will be more added by pending stretch goals. There's no need to worry about supporting the files, as they'll be as simple as throwing them into your FDM software and getting a wiggle on. Although these are designed for 28mm, as they are STL files, they can be printed in whatever size you decide (or whatever size will fit on your printer!).

Falet Glider - Fantasy Forest Stretch Goal

Falet Glider // Fantasy Forest Stretch Goal

If you did want a little more than just buildings, the stretch goals alone will allow you to craft a full and interesting table. With notable mentions to Mushroom Hollows and Portal of Birch, we're still early stages of the campaign with a ton to still be unlocked and add further whimsy to your campaign. Because who doesn't need a hut made within a tree?

It is still early days, with some early bird pledges still available. Plus if you are a merchant, you can get involved in the printing and selling yourself, doing a good deed for those who do not have access to the printing fascilities. For a whole bunch of STL files, ready to be in your library by August this year. Be sure to check out the Fantasy Forest with 26 days left on the clock, perfect for dare I say it... Moonstone?

What do you think of the Fantasy Forest Designs? 

" Because who doesn't need a hut made within a tree? "

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