Snap Up Angel Giraldez’s Brand New 32mm Fantasy Miniatures

May 31, 2022 by brennon

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Angel Giraldez has expanded their webstore recently to include some brand new 32mm Fantasy miniatures. Two mighty warriors are available for you to snap up over on the Angel Giraldez website.

Bjorgvin Set - Angel Giraldez

Bjorgvin Set // Angel Giraldez

The first of the miniatures is for Bjorgvin, an epic looking barbarian with two seriously awesome axes. Whilst these miniatures are great for painters, there is also a bit of fluff and background behind them too for those lore fiends out there...

"An ancient legend of the Kazeeq barbarian desert tribe spoke of the birth of a champion of champions, who will be able to beat any enemy who menaces the tribe. With this burden on his shoulders, Bjorgvin was born. He learned to fight from an early age, facing the toughest challenges."

The miniature does look great and I like that it opens up interesting options for painters. You'll be wanting to follow Giraldez's helpful tips on painting skin, tattoos, fur and those magical weapons for a start.

Bjorgvin - Angel Giraldez

Bjorgvin // Angel Giraldez

I am quite a fan of big badass barbarians so it's neat to see one of the new characters giving off that vibe. Because the miniatures are 32mm, they should work nicely with all manner of other ranges out there and would be a great option to use for Dungeons & Dragons as your heroes.

Guile Over Guts

The second miniature from the Giraldez collection is Airdhana. She switches out muscles and brawn for agility and cunning.

Airdhana Set - Angel Giraldez

Airdhana Set // Angel Giraldez

Once again, we have a fun bit of fluff for this character that might inform the way you paint the miniature...

"Airdhana is a member of the Hardaykin, a race of elves who lived in the Igneous Mountains that guarded one of the nine known gates of the Thralaar’s Hell."

This miniature will have you tinkering with all manner of interesting techniques from Giraldez. You've got the purple skin and the brilliantly colourful hair for one. I also like that you've got more magical blades to be playing around with.

Airdhana - Angel Giraldez

Airdhana // Angel Giraldez

Another impressive miniature. These two are just the start for Angel Giraldez as they have been talking about upcoming demons and more for this range. It's fun to see Angel Giraldez being able to get miniatures out there that they want to paint and more options for gamers and hobbyists is never a bad thing.

Are you tempted by these miniatures from Giraldez?

"It's fun to see Angel Giraldez being able to get miniatures out there that they want to paint..."

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