Anno Domini: 1666’s Kickstarter Draws To A Close

June 11, 2018 by dracs

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Wargamer Studios' Kickstarter for Anno Domini: 1666 has entered its final hours after a successful run of crowdfunding.

The swashbuckling board game sees 17th-century fictional characters descend upon Vienna, vying to influence the vote for the next Holy Roman Emperor while contending with a growing, supernatural menace.

Anno Domini: 1666 enjoyed a very high level of success on Kickstarter, reaching well over three times its initial starting goal.

This, of course, means plenty of cool stretch goals have been unlocked along the way.

These range from additional characters and miniatures to new boards and components for the game itself.

All of these stretch goals and others besides are included in the base game for backers.

Even at this late stage though, there are still stretch goals to unlock. the next of these is one I find particularly interesting, Rabbi Nathan and his Golem.

Anno Domini: 1666 is a game that combines lots of elements I love, from swashbuckling adventure to dark fantasy. It's one I was very excited to see do well on Kickstarter, and I'm hoping to see it continue to grow in strength.

Have you backed this Kickstarter? What are your thoughts on the game?

"Plenty of cool stretch goals have been unlocked along the way."

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