AntiMatter Games Head Into The Stygian Depths With New Kickstarter

October 3, 2018 by brennon

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AntiMatter Games are currently running a new Kickstarter which will help fund their new campaign supplement for ShadowSea called The Stygian Depths: Lost Temple Of Xibalba.

Lost Temple Of Xibala - Antimatter Games

The main focus of this campaign is to get that campaign book and the assorted accessories ready for the tabletop. The Lost Temple Of Xibalba is an adventure which can be run as a cooperative or solo quest down into the depths.

All of the gameplay is focused on this adventure down into the darkness where you will be coming up against various dangerous bosses and finding many treasures which you can haul back up to the surface world.

Swashbuckling Pirates

As well as this trip into a lost temple they are also looking to bring P.L. McCall's character to life, Grace Flynn and her pirate crew.

ShadowSea Grace Flynn Tides Of Forever - AntiMatter Games

You might have already seen the model previews for her but she is looking like an awesome swashbuckler in her own right, having to deal with strange creatures from the depths as her ship and crew get pulled into a strange new reality.

Grave Flynn - AntiMatter Games

I love the swirling and incredibly over the top fabric that we see on this model and her bloomin' huge gun which is no doubt going to blow the head off any strange sea creature that comes to take her on.

Two Player Starter Sets

As if that wasn't enough of a funding target the team are also looking to create new Two Player Starter Sets for both ShadowSea...

ShadowSea Starter Set - AntiMatter Games

...and their other property, DeepWars.

DeepWars Starter Set - AntiMatter Games

So, if you like deep sea adventures between competing factions then you have a good choice here. You could also go for the slightly less wet but still decidedly subterranean experiences of ShadowSea where you get to play with awesome Dragonfolk!

There is a lot going on in this campaign so it's well worth reading over it a few times but make sure to give it a look as it's one of the most unique games out there on the market. Here is a look at some gameplay for you too.

Let us know what you think in the comments below...

Have you played ShadowSea or DeepWars?

"Have you played ShadowSea or DeepWars?"

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