Ares Expedition Develops With Three New Expansion Options

March 30, 2022 by brennon

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Terraforming Mars: Ares Expedition is back on Kickstarter from FryxGames and Stronghold Games with THREE new expansions which grow the game experience in different ways. Discovery,  Foundations and Crisis are on the cards.

Ares Expedition Expansions - Fryxgames

Ares Expedition Expansions // FryxGames

The first thing that should be noted is that the Kickstarter offers up all three of the expansions in one fell swoop. When you do get this bundle, you a large Kickstarter box which allows you to store the core game of Ares Expedition and the three expansions currently on offer. There is also a redesigned game board and the new box will even work with sleeved cards (always a plus).

Ares Expedition - Discovery Expansion

We'll start things off when it comes to expansions by talking about Discovery.

Ares Expedition Discovery - Fryxgames

Ares Expedition - Discovery // FryxGames

Ares Expedition Discovery Components - Fryxgames

Ares Expedition - Discovery Components // FryxGames

Discovery introduces new Awards and Milestones for your games, opening up the choices you can make during gameplay. You'll also find upgraded Phase Cards, Wild Tags and the option to play Ares Expedition as a Draft Variant.

Ares Expedition - Crisis Expansion

You can also get cooperative with the Crisis Expansion.

Ares Expedition Crisis - Fryxgames

Ares Expedition - Crisis // FryxGames

Ares Expedition Crisis Components - Fryxgames

Ares Expedition - Crisis Components // FryxGames

This expansion turns Ares Expedition into a cooperative game for one-to-four players. A crisis has befallen Mars and it's up to you and your companions to make the best of it. Each turn, a different crisis card will offer up new challenges for you to face.

Ares Expedition - Foundations Expansion

The last of the expansions is Foundations. This increases the player count of the game!

Ares Expedition Foundations - Fryxgames

Ares Expedition - Foundations // FryxGames

Ares Expedition Foundations Components - Fryxgames

Ares Expedition - Foundations Components // FryxGames

With this expansion, you can turn the game into a five or six player affair. You'll get all of the components to do that but also an Infrastructure Track and twenty Project Cards.

All three of these expansion packs seem like they offer up something new and novel for fans of Terraforming Mars: Ares Expedition. I can see the Foundations option being good for those who have a larger group of friends for example. I also think the Crisis set offers up a nice change of pace!

Loads of Stretch Goals and Add-Ons have been made available as part of this project, so, if you're wanting to get your hands on options like Neoprene Mats and such then you can do so. I guess backing this depends on how much of a feature of your game night Ares Expedition is!

Are you going to be backing this campaign?

"All three of these expansion packs seem like they offer up something new and novel for fans of Terraforming Mars: Ares Expedition..."

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