Get Your Ass To Mars With New Netrunner Cycle By FFG

October 11, 2016 by brennon

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The latest cycle of card packs from Fantasy Flight Games for Android: Netrunner is taking you away from Earth towards Mars. Yes, it's time to get all of your Total Recall quotes ready. See what you think of Daedalus Complex, the first pack...

Daedalus Complex

Mars is very different from Earth and while there are plenty of opportunities for Runners to peek into the goings on of the Corporations the overriding feeling is that there are few limitations on what said Corporations can get away with.

Card Fan - Daedalus Complex

You can see some of the cards on offer above including a new version of ZED. As an HB player I really liked this card even if no-one else did so it's nice to see him getting an upgrade.

Card Fan (Alt) - Daedalus Complex

It's fascinating to see the change in the cultures that we're seeing in Netrunner with this new cycle. We're leaving the the Cyberpunk behind somewhat here as we branch out into full on Sci-Fi. Of course that struggle between the people and those in positions of power is still going to be prevalent.

The new Identity within the pack for Weyland is Jemison Astronautics and it works with a lot of cards that didn't tend to get taken in the older cycles of Netrunner.

Jemison Astronautics

Forfeiting an Agenda (the way you win the game) might seem counterintuitive but it can give you all manner of interesting options to play around with including advancing other Agendas and bolstering the power of your ICE which is sitting there protecting your servers.

Sometimes it pays to let a few projects burn so that you can fulfill your ultimate goal.

Have you been keeping up with the cycles for Netrunner?

"...the overriding feeling is that there are few limitations on what said Corporations can get away with"

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