AW Miniatures Launch Kickstarter For 28mm Frontiersmen

October 9, 2020 by brennon

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AW Miniatures has launched a Kickstarter to create a set of 28mm Frontiersmen for use during the French & Indian War.


28mm Frontiersmen Kickstarter - AW Miniatures

The Kickstarter is aimed at being able to design, produce and then manufacture a pack of Colonial Frontiersmen. As well as creating that pack of metal miniatures they are also looking to add new characters and commanders into the mix too like British Commanders Mounted Major General Braddock, James Wolfe and George Washington plus the French Commanders;  a Mounted Montcalm, Baron Dieskau, and Gaston De- Lewis

In order to do this, the Kickstarter is focused around offering up those Frontiersmen plus then expanding your collection with a bunch of their existing 28mm French & Indian War collection.

Highlander Command - AW Miniatures

Highlander Command // AW Miniatures

You are able to choose from a lot of different options as part of this Kickstarter. As well as being able to build up your British force with Highlanders and the like you're also able to dive in and pick up soldiers for the French and Natives too.

British Grenadiers - AW Miniatures

British Grenadiers // AW Miniatures

A lot of the packs and pledge levels have been designed for you to just dive in and choose what you like or match it to Muskets & Tomahawks 2nd Edition. So, if you've dived in and started playing that game from Studio Tomahawk then you might want to check out the larger AW Miniatures collection as a starting point.

French Grenadiers - AW Miniatures

French Grenadiers // AW Miniatures

I think that it would be rather cool to dive in and play around with a lot more of the Native forces during this period. They were somewhat caught in the middle of this conflict between European powers yet their experience was invaluable considering their knowledge of the terrain.

Indian War Party - AW Miniatures

Indian War Party // AW Miniatures

Some of the coolest options as part of this collection is the set of Winter miniatures that they have. The French & Indian War is a cool conflict to fight out but I think it gets even more fascinating when you make things bitterly cold!

Winter Campaign Indians - AW Miniatures

Winter Campaign Indians // AW Miniatures

I really like any gaming set-up where things move into the winter season and snow is all over the place. As well as just looking nice and dynamic, it also offers you a chance to play around with environments and such that you'd not normally consider.

Winter French Regulars - AW Miniatures

Winter French Regulars // AW Miniatures

If you've liked this look at the 28mm options from AW Miniatures here then you should go and check out the Kickstarter campaign and their webstore too. There are a lot more images of their collection which could provide you with the basis for a fun jaunt into the French & Indian War.

Are you tempted to dive into this snowdrift of miniature goodness?

"Are you tempted to dive into this snowdrift of miniature goodness?"

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