Bad Squiddo Focus On Dwarves & Amazons For Next Kickstarter

May 2, 2019 by brennon

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Bad Squiddo Games is going to be focusing in on a new Kickstarter very soon. This time around they are looking to bring both Amazons and Dwarves (or as they say, Dorfs) to the tabletop.

Dorfs - Bad Squiddo Games

The focus will be on bringing a new range of metal female figures for both of these Fantasy factions, giving you new options when building warbands and the like.

Amazons - Bad Squiddo Games

A lot of work has gone into these already as you can see from these teasers and we're getting all sorts of exciting characters. The Bad Squiddo Games Kickstarter projects are always good fun and folks have been happy with the final product so we wish them well with this new endeavour too.

Will you be checking this out when it hits?

"Will you be checking this out when it hits?"

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