Bane Beasts Are Back On Kickstarter

April 11, 2015 by stvitusdancern

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You may remember Bane Beasts from a few years back. Now they are back on Kickstarter with the Bane Beasts: Mighty Monsters Part Deuxproject! Mierce Miniatures is bringing magical fantasy miniatures to life in a 30mm scale.

bane beasts2

At this time there are two fantastic miniatures in the works with the possibility of even more through stretch goals including the impressive Phoenix Demon and Chimera.

bane beast phoenix demon

There is the Phoenix Demon...

"With a bifurcated head and magical paraphernalia , his moon and staff grimoires, the Phoenix Demon is the master of intrigue and mummery. It is said that his touch alone provides knowledge enough to gain insanity."

bane beasts chimera

And then there is the Chimera...

"The mighty Chimera of the mountains sweeps all before it in waves of terror and revulsion, thanks to its hybrid nature of wyrm, lion rat and scorpion- an unnatural meld of monsters that should not exist...especially with wings!"

One can only wonder what other creations will come from this project.

What kind of creature would you like to see for the Bane Beasts?

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