BattleSystems’ Core Space Pre-Orders Are Now Live!

January 10, 2019 by brennon

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BattleSystems' Core Space is now available to pre-order so you can start having your own space adventures! The big shiny Core Space Starter Set is the thing that I reckon a few of you might be picking up which comes with terrain, miniature and all sorts.

Core Space Starter Set - Battle Systems

With this particular deal, you get your hands on...

  • 8x Trader Miniatures
  • 9x Purge Miniatures
  • 3x Civilian Miniatures
  • 8x Plastic Crew Dashboards
  • 11x Character Boards
  • 8x Class Boards
  • 1x Purge Board
  • 2x Ship Boards
  • 1x Plastic Hostility Tracker
  • 7x Dice
  • 20x Event Cards
  • 104x Page Rulebook
  • 42x Counters & 189x Plastic Pegs
  • Token Pouch with over 100x Equipment Tokens
  • And finally, a 2'/60cm square gaming mat with over 130x terrain pieces to build your board!

Oh, the joy of a company putting all of those goodies into one place. I love the look of Core Space when I see it on the tabletop and I think that is a real winner for getting people interested in your ideas. There is a real sense of theme across everything BattleSystems have done for this game and it at once feels interactive and exciting to get stuck into.

If you're looking to get just stuck into the game with some of the crews without the terrain, then there's also the Rulebook you can snag separately too.

Core Space Rulebook - Battle Systems

As I said, there are of course some crews you can pick up separately as well. You can take a peek at them below starting with...

Cygnus Crew

Cygnus Crew - Battle Systems

Poseidon Crew

Poseidon Crew - Battle Systems

Skylark Crew

Skylark Crew - Battle Systems

Yamato Crew

Yamato Crew - Battle Systems

...and, once you've delved into the awesomeness that is this model range (check out those brilliant aliens!) there's also plenty more in the works for budding Core Spacers (that's certainly a thing right?) including tokens and the like which can all be pre-ordered.

All of the Core Space deliveries will be dropping in March so make sure to keep an eye out and prepare yourself for a new Sci-Fi adventure.

Will you be diving into Core Space?

"...there's also plenty more in the works for budding Core Spacers (that's certainly a thing right?)"

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