Meet The Big-Brained Mind Of Necromunda’s Delaque Spyker!

June 15, 2022 by brennon

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The Underhive of Necromunda breeds some odd sorts. Whilst that mostly means mutants, there are also some fellows that have been utterly infused with psychic energy and turned into big-brained grimdark warlocks. See what you think of the Delaque Spyker.

Delaque Spyker - Necromunda

Delaque Spyker // Necromunda

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Any Ganger that shows an ounce of psychic potential is force-fed Ghast and turned into a psyker or spyker of untold power. Well, as long as their brain doesn't explode in the process. They can absorb the secrets of those nearby making them valuable as informants for a Delaque gang on the prowl.

Delaque Spyker Details - Necromunda

Delaque Spyker Details // Necromunda

All manner of psychic powers are unlocked by these fellows. They can force enemies to flee in terror or cripple them under a barrage of psychic assaults. You can also use a good ol' force blast to send foes flying off walkways and down into the depths.

Being unsanctioned psykers, other gangers might see them as quite the prize if you can bring them down. However, it's best not to underestimate them. This miniature is going to be available from Forge World very soon.

Are you going to be picking one or two of these up?

"They can force enemies to flee in terror or cripple them under a barrage of psychic assaults..."

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