Big News And A Mountain Of Models From Traders Galaxy For May

May 3, 2022 by avernos

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Trader's Galaxy had a quiet Easter but Anthony is back with a mountain of news for May. New miniatures, new game, new magazine, and new materials! There's so much I barely have enough room on the page to fit it all in.

Broken Skies // Traders Galaxy

Broken Skies is now available on pre-order. Set within then Bot War universe players take command of the beleaguered Democracy heroes or side with the Atlantican assault in this 2 player aerial dogfight game. The game area is a 50cm x 50cm hex map, so you can play out your games easily on any table and get into the action right away. It uses the same models as Bot War, so scaled around 8mm, but the starter set is cast in the new plastic material.

Electrotyrants Dronelord

Electrotyrants Dronelord // Deceivers

Electrotyrant was once a follower within the Deceiver's ranks. But like many, they were always after more power and so upgrading their code to Tyrant level they aimed to take control. Promising to cover the world in a swarm of drones he was defeated and forced to follow suit once more. This model shows what it means to be a drone lord. Carried aloft by his minions he's not a fast mover but he's got all hit points and inspiring presence for those around him. You can find his full backstory in the new issue of Galactic Transmissions, speaking of which.

Galactic Transmission #6

Galactic Transmission #6

Another bumper filled issue with a big focus on the new White Knights Protectorate from the Valiants, and the backstory for Electrotyrant but there is so much more if you're interested in the Bot War family of games. Judd Jensen has written a fantastic article on narrative campaigns that includes Upgrades for your Bots alongside scenario changes, and tracking damage as you play out your games. There is also an update to some optional rules for interacting with terrain on your tabletop, so if you've ever wanted to smash a dumpster into someone's face or jam their face into a powerline then now you can.

Galactic Transmission Contents

They're always a fantastic read with a great mix of gameplay, lore, and hobby articles that come from both Anthony himself and the community that shows it really is a set of games that are driven by the community and if you're interested in getting some of your own content included in the next issue of this ongoing bi-monthly then reach out to Anthony as he is always looking for input from everyone out there. In this issue's editorial Anthony also explains how the costs of metal have pushed Traders Galaxy in the direction of plastics for their figures.

Major Lee Democracy Exclusive

Major Lee // May Exclusive

If you order over $160 during May you'll get Major Lee in his Bronco, this is an amazing looking miniature as Major aims not to be a fall guy for the Democracy. I absolutely adore this model, but once again between the design and the backstory, Anthony has ticked all the boxes for an old man like myself. If you love the retro feel of what you are seeing then you can pick up the digital rules for free now and see exactly what you're missing in Bot War.

Bots + Cars x Transforms = Amazing

" If you love the retro feel of what you are seeing then you can pick up the digital rules for free now and see exactly what you're missing in Bot War."

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