Black Scorpion’s Tombstone Comes Riding Towards Kickstarter

September 28, 2016 by dracs

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Black Scorpion recently made the exciting news that they will be taking their wild west miniatures range Tombstone to Kickstarter, bringing loads more miniatures and a new skirmish game rulebook!

Incident on Grant St

Black Scorpion have stated that they have been planning to come out with skirmish rules for Tombstone, much as they did for their game Cutlass, for some time now and are now preparing to take it to Kickstarter between late 2016 and early 2017.

Have A Go Hero


Below is the announcement from the official Tombstone page:

"Tombstone will be a huge release via Kickstarter. It will be a skirmish rulebook, translated into Spanish French and German (we hope). There will be over 100 new models! These will be produced using the same high quality resin method we've always used, no lower quality plastics.

There will be several factions/types to choose from including: Lawmen, Outlaws, Mexicans, Natives, 7th Cavalry, Undead and female gunslingers.

We don't have a set date yet, we have a flyer with details on that says 'late 2016'.. as we keep adding more to the project early 2017 is much more likely.. but with a bit of luck everything will be ready to see before the end of the year. All the models and book will be finished before launch. There will of course be various add ons and extras etc..

We look forward to sharing more with you!"



All of this is pretty exciting news. Cutlass is a great, cinematic skirmish game, perfect for campaigns, which is very promising for Tombstone. The announcement of an Undead faction is particularly intriguing, and suggests the game won't be purely historical.

Black Scorpion's sculpts are also of a generally good design. I myself have a gang of Tombstone lawmen so I'm pretty excited to see what new figures could come out of this Kickstarter.

The first such model has already been released.

Celebrate With Rambler & Humphrey

The 22nd of September was Black Scorpion's 11th birthday and to celebrate they released a new miniature for Tombstone; a Rambler and his dog Humphrey.

Rambler and Humphrey

Rambler and Humphrey

This grizzled old prospector and his faithful companion are currently available for a limited time, after which they will be heading to the Kickstarter.

Do you plan to pitch into the Tombstone Kickstarter? Will you pick up Rambler and Humphrey?

"The announcement of an Undead faction is particularly intriguing and suggests the game won't be purely historical..."

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