Black Scorpion Bring Fantasy Football Halflings To Salute 2017

April 19, 2017 by brennon

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If you've been liking the look of the Tombstone Kickstarter from Black Scorpion then you might want to stop in with them at Salute 2017 this weekend as they'll have some great miniatures with them including this Halfling Fantasy Football team!

Halfling Fantasy Football Team

This is a great looking team packed with character. Halflings do basically suck when it comes to Blood Bowl but when you look good doing it then maybe it won't be so bad. If you want to expand upon the team they will also be bringing along this set of Linesmen too.

Halfling Linesmen

I love their armour designs and the big floppy hats that their characters are wearing in the full team are just wonderful. Of course, they'd go flying as soon as they're tackled but again, it's all about losing in style with Halflings I reckon.

Salute Special

If you're at the event you will also be able to pick up this Salute 2017 miniature...

Salute 2017 Miniature

You could drop her into your games of Cutlass! or maybe their new game, Tombstone, as the leader of one of your gangs out there in the Wild West.

Are you going to be stopping by their booth?

"'s all about losing in style with Halflings I reckon"

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