Broken Spirit Wargames Tell You Tales Of Dark Age Fantasy In Immortal

May 21, 2015 by brennon

Broken Spirit Wargames hit Kickstarter looking for funding for their take on Dark Age Britain. Rival factions war and there are stalemates aplenty as everyone vies for control of the land. This is where the twist comes in and factions have called upon the Immortals, spirits of Good and Evil, to help swing the balance (they hope) in their favour.

Romano British (Army of Good)

A Strange Land

This game can be played as a straight up historical game if you wish but the twist in the tale here is that you can bring some rather mystical and mythical forces to the table too. While the game encourages you to play with whatever Fantasy or Historical models you already have in your collection they also offer you a way to get in there via the Kickstarter too.

Forces of Good (Add On)

Pledge + Army

Forces of Evil (Add On)

The models might not be the greatest out there but they are certainly something a bit different. I quite like the Servants of Light and the Evil Minions although the others might leave a little to be desired. However, that's just my personal taste and they, as mentioned previously, are looking to let you have free reign with what models you use.

The Game

The game itself has a few nuances that are quite interesting. You can check them out for yourself here on the Quickstart Rules link...

Charging An Immortal

  • 15-20 minis per side, all in small units from 4-12 models
  • Played out on a 4x4 board
  • Six Nations to choose from
  • Each nation has its own National Characteristic and scouting level
  • Games vary from the humble Raid Scenario, using a handful of models and taking under an hour to play, to the Battle Royal scenario which can take up to around 2 hours to play.
  • Games all have a specific turn allowance, this is to keep the games objective based which give a sense of urgency to gameplay.
  • Faith – Human units and Hero’s bring Faith to the battlefield, the Immortal then holds all of the Faith, and humans can draw it from the Immortal to increase battle readiness. Faith is also used by the Immortals to summon Spiritual Beings onto the battlefield. Be aware if you exhaust your faith pool during a game, all your Spiritual Beings on the table are sucked back into the void, leaving the Humans to fight it out. This system has huge tactical implications.
  • Each Nations Scouting Level adds a bonus to the turn initiative. You will find the lighter armed forces like the Picts and Welsh will always have the jump on heavier forces like the Saxons and Romans. Whoever wins the initiative gets to move and shoot with all their units first, the opponent then takes his turn. Combat is played out at the end of the turn.
  • Full Warbands of humans may be gathered or full Warbands of spiritual creatures, or even mix and match to your heart’s content (within Nation guidelines of course).
  • Six specialist units, one for each nation include Roman Knights and Welsh Druids.
  • Because there are a lot of variations in the army compositions, selection of 10 Immortals, Hero customisation and scenario implications, no two games are ever the same.
  • Choose to be aligned to the forces of Good in one game, then align yourself to the forces of Evil the next game using the same human models. All you need to do is change out your Immortal model and you have two forces to play with.

Give the game a go and check out their Kickstarter page for more information.

Has it won you over?

"...the twist in the tale here is that you can bring some rather mystical and mythical forces to the table too."

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