Get Conquest’s Siegebreaker & A Christmas Surprise!

October 6, 2023 by brennon

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Para Bellum Games continues to showcase some awesome new 35mm scale Fantasy miniatures for Conquest: The Last Argument Of Kings. There is a brand new monster for The Spires as well as a fun miniature set that will be coming up for the Christmas period!

Siegebreaker Behemoth Front - Conquest

Siegebreaker Behemoth (Front) // Conquest

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The Siegebreaker Behemoth is an absolutely deadly addition to The Spires' arsenal. It has been designed to do exactly what it says on the tin. Each limb can dig, climb and burrow through the fortress walls of a city before it then unleashes a flurry of blows that could turn a unit into a paste. This creature is all muscle and armour and is essentially pointed at a target to destroy.

Siegebreaker Behemoth Details - Conquest

Siegebreaker Behemoth (Details) // Conquest

All of the details on the miniature turn it into something even more monstrous. I love the eyes that are peering out from the creature's flesh and the hands which are tearing open the muscles so that it can see. It has eyes in all the wrong places which helps to solidify that "alien" vibe that you often get from The Spires.

Siegebreaker Behemoth Rear - Conquest

Siegebreaker Behemoth (Rear) // Conquest

If you're someone who keeps coming up against the same defensive wall of troops time after time, maybe you need to introduce the Siegebreaker Behemoth into the mix to break that stalemate. An awesome miniature for The Spires!

Jolly And Mean! A Festive Miniature Set

As well as the massive miniature for The Spires, there is a new Narrative Scenario Pack coming up for the festive period. You can now pre-order Jolly And Mean ahead of Christmas so you can use it for playing out some fun scenarios on the tabletop.

Jolly & Mean - Conquest

Jolly And Mean // Conquest

Here is some of the background on this new set...

"Seu-Grin, the Chartreuse Arbiter of Sorrow, has taken upon itself to demand payment in full for the …favours it lavished upon the ruling house of Lord Swivelston. Caring aught for the pain and suffering his demands will place upon the festive populace of Yeurk. Only one man (and his army) stands in his way; Nick Claus, paragon of the Deist (or possibly Theist) Church and guardian of them who would feast, drink and be merry!"

These two miniatures allow you to bring the forces of Seu-Grin to battle against St Nick Claus. That means you can introduce a fun new Spire Biomancer into the mix alongside a fun Priest for The Hundred Kingdoms.

Jolly - Conquest

Jolly // Conquest

Mean - Conquest

Mean // Conquest

The box contains two scenarios that you can play with these unique miniatures. The set is also going to be delivered around the end of October so you'll have plenty of time for you to paint up the miniatures and drop them into some games later in the year.

Could you be tempted to snap up these new miniatures and drop them into your Conquest games?

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"...there is a new Narrative Scenario Pack coming up for the festive period!"

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