The Creepy Gwisin Get Added Into Wyrd’s The Other Side

September 10, 2019 by brennon

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The Other Side is growing with new units and weird creatures getting added into the mix for the game from Wyrd Games. This time around a preview dropped for the utterly creepy looking Gwisin.

Gwisin #1 - Wyrd Games

The Gwisin are strange and creepy spirits who have found themselves into the world and are now seeing to haunt your poor soldiers on the battlefield. Never mind that, they're also looking for revenge too. The artwork for these new additions to the game are rather sickeningly and horrifyingly glorious and I would be fascinated to see how someone would paint them.

Gwisin #2 - Wyrd Games

The Gwisin can also act independently of each other on the battlefield too, seeking out just what they need to without having to worry about staying close to the rest of your force. This is one of the freakiest things I've seen for The Other Side in a long while and it's pretty fantastic!

What do you make of the twisted Gwisin?

"What do you make of the twisted Gwisin?"

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