Crooked Dice’s Scooter Gang Rides Out With Their Accessories Case

August 3, 2017 by dracs

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Crooked Dice have come out with some new releases for 7TV, including moped riding hoodlums and a case for all the game's accessories.

Scooter Gang Prepare To Wreck Some Rockers

First up, Crooked Dice's new Scooter Gang is now available.

Scooter Gang

These models look to be inspired by the Mods subculture of 1960s Britain.

The idea of having scooter or motorbike gang fights on the tabletop is undoubtedly cool and I'm interested to see how it would be conveyed in 7TV.

Tune In To Your Accessories

Crooked Dice have made a case to help keep the game's various markers and cards together and have now put this piece up for pre-order.

Accessories Case Colour

Accessories Case Interior

Accessories Case

7TV is an accessory heavy game so having a case to keep them all together is a good move. Plus, the retro-TV design captures the feel of 7TV very well.

Will you bring along this Scooter Gang? What do you think of the Accessory Case?

"The retro-TV design captures the feel of 7TV very well..."

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