Face The Curse Of Oak Hill In Black Site’s Don’t Look Back

January 26, 2021 by brennon

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Black Site Studio has released a new expansion for those diving into the creepy horror goodness of their game, Don't Look Back. The Curse Of Oak Hill gives you another foe to face in classic horror cinema fashion!

The Curse Of Oak Hill - Dont Look Back

The Curse Of Oak Hill // Don't Look Back

If you're not aware, Don't Look Back is a solo or cooperative experience where you play as four heroes who are trying to survive against a randomly generated AI killer who is loose on the tabletop. The play-space for the game comes in at 3x3 so it's very easy to set up a little tabletop and enjoy this.

Designed to be played in under an hour, the game is packed with fun stereotypical survivors and quirky villains. The expansions even come in VHS-style sets! This particular expansion adds Father Gabriel into the mix alongside that terrifying Demon and the rules for using it in your games.

Father Gabriel & Demon - Dont Look Back

Father Gabriel & Demon // Don't Look Back

Here is some of the background to this particular mystery...

"In the early 1800’s miners in the North Hills blasted into a large open cavity deep underground. Inside, strange images were scrawled on the walls and hundreds of items littered the floor. The miners stared at the objects, some strange and some recognizable. Most were made from carved stone, wood, and even gold. Not sure what they had found, the miners quickly divided up the items. Over the next several months the miners began to hear strange voices and some went missing. They would claim the items they had found would wander from room to room, showing up in unexpected spots. It wasn’t until children around the camp began to vanish that the miners decided to act. Declaring the items cursed they returned them to the chamber where they had been found and blasted the entrance closed."

This all sounds like it could be a lot of fun to play. I do like games where you're pitted against a friend in a versus fashion but any game that allows you to play solo or together is becoming more and more appealing.

I think that Don't Look Back could be a fun game to venture into, especially since it's so different from a lot of games out there. It helps that the miniatures are all pretty unique so they'd be a lot of fun to paint up!

Are you tempted by this new expansion for Don't Look Back?

"...you play as four heroes who are trying to survive against a randomly generated AI killer who is loose on the tabletop"

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