Dark Fire Preview New Gunslinging Characters [Spoilers]

November 3, 2020 by brennon

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Right, with that out of the way it's time to show off what Dark Fire Designs have been working on for their collection of miniatures for a galaxy far, far away. We start with a new miniature for their Bounty Hunter.

The Mandalorian - Dark Fire Designs

The Mando // Dark Fire Designs

The miniatures that you see here are available as 3D Printable files from their webstore linked above but they can also be purchased as physical miniatures down the line from both Proteus 3D in the UK and Perikles in the EU. The US also has a physical model store with Gootzy Gaming.

This new version of The Mando comes with an array of different weapon options and certainly looks the part as an updated main character to throw into your games. I am sure that there are already many, many people who have come up with rules for using him in Star Wars: Legion.

The Sheriff & His Foe [Spoilers]

As well as The Mando above, the team at Dark Fire Designs have also been working on a new character from the first episode of the new series. Here we have The Sheriff.

Cobb Vanth - Dark Fire Designs

The Sheriff // Dark Fire Designs

The Sheriff here is shown in his "borrowed" armour that has helped him defend the town. He, again, comes with a range of different weapon options and also options to have him with or without his helmet depending on what you prefer.

Cobb Vanth With Helmet - Dark Fire Designs

The Sheriff // Dark Fire Designs

He certainly looks the part and would make for a good stand-in during your games. I could see a few people wanting to pick up this character to use as their roleplaying anti-hero too! But, if you're going to introduce The Sheriff into your games then how about this monstrous Sand Dragon too?

Krayt Dragon - Dark Fire Designs

Sand Dragon // Dark Fire Designs

Yes, this is to scale and yes it is going to be too big for many a 3D Printer. I would imagine you'll have to cut this bad boy up in order to use it properly! If you're looking for some seriously thematic options for your Sci-Fi tabletop games then Dark Fire appears to be quick on the trigger.

Maybe we'll still see official miniatures for a lot of this collection but in the meantime, this is a rather fun range to explore!

Are you tempted by these new 3D Printable miniatures?

"...if you're going to introduce The Sheriff into your games then how about this monstrous Sand Dragon too?"

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