Dead Earth Games Kick Off Shattered Crown Fundraiser

June 30, 2015 by brennon

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Dead Earth Games have started their Shattered Crown Fundraiser on Kickstarter. This game, based in reality but with a fantasy edge, pits two rival nations against each other for command of the land. Infantry, heroes and more are coming as this project gets funded...

Shattered Crown Art

The Background

Here is some more on the background of Shattered Crown. You can find out more over on the website where they go into more detail.

"It has been a year now since King Draven Hellesburne V, the Lord of Blades, died, and never was there a more eventful year throughout his reign. Brother plots against brother, Chancellors master puppets, assassinations and kidnapping are rife, and it is said even the wind whispers of more death to come.

Scuffles along borders, here and there, strain political tensions, trade routes are one day open and the next either closed or demanding of a new tax, to a new master.

The King declares his justice will be done. But which justice? Which King? Draven left three sons, Aiden, Aethor and Thorn, though only the first two did he ever call that name. Each claims the throne as their own, and each has an army to back their claim.

The Kingdom teeters on the edge of civil war. Lords must choose their allegiance – do they pledge their loyalty to the old King’s chosen heir, do they believe the claims of one of the other brothers, or do they see the opportunity to further their own ends – expand their own lands and titles?"

The Models

Of course you can't have a game without some models and Shattered Crown has some heroes and troops already sculpted up for you to check out.

Shattered Crown Hero

Shattered Crown Infantry

Hellesburne and Khra are the factions that are the focus of this campaign and there are plans for a lot more as time goes on. You can still get your hands on the Early Bird special for this campaign (at the time of writing) as well as a whole bunch of other variations on the armies.

Have you taken a look at the campaign yet?

"Hellesburne and Khra are the factions that are the focus of this campaign..."

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