Netrunner Deluxe Expansion On The Cards, Reign & Reverie

March 7, 2018 by brennon

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Fantasy Flight Games announced the coming of a new Deluxe Expansion for the world of Android: Netrunner. Reign & Reverie turns its attention to the Shapers and Weyland who are still in a constant struggle for the soul of New Angeles.

Netrunner Reign & Reverie - Fantasy Flight Games

The Runner for this set is Akiko Nisei, formally of Jinteki. She brings the Psi game of her Corporation to the side of the Runners and returns us to that feeling of bluffing and intrigue that so many of us loved in Netrunner when it first came out.

Reign & Reverie Card Fan - Fantasy Flight Games

It's awesome seeing this twist in the narrative where someone formally working for the Corporations gets in on the action for the Runners and helps push forward a new storyline within the world. What's cooler is that you aren't just limited to the one Identity in the game any more thanks to DJ Fenris.

DJ Fenris

He can actually host a different g-mod Identity on his card allowing you to benefit from the abilities of two different characters at once. This is rather powerful but you're going to have to avoid getting tagged so you don't lose him as a resource. If you can avoid the Corporation's grasp then this could be awesome and opens up so many more deckbuilding opportunities.

All Publicity Is Good Publicity... long as they spell your name right. The Weyland Corporation has fully embraced the consequences of their actions and so now thrive on the bad publicity generated by their methods. Shoot, blow up and generally harass whoever you want as each time you gain bad publicity in the game you're now going to get credits for doing so. This card hits all the right notes narratively and thematically too...

Too Big To Fail

Now that is rather awesome. You think you've bled the Corp dry? Think again bub...we're going to hunt you down and take you out. There is plenty more for you to explore in this pack and all of the cards available to Netrunner so make sure to give them a look yourself.

Are you going to be picking this up?

"You think you've bled the Corp dry? Think again bub...we're going to hunt you down and take you out..."

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