Demented Games Release Twisted’s Spirits Of The Desert

March 20, 2020 by brennon

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Twisted welcomes some new creatures to its odd world as Demented Games showed off the Spirits Of The Desert set which is made up of some quirky Egyptian-based sculpts.


The set comes with four miniatures in the pack but each of them can be attained separately if you would prefer. Once again, the range features some absolutely stunning sculpting which gives us a hint as to their Steampunk world whilst also bringing in lots of very different and original concepts too.

Leading this little force is the Overseer Of Hounds who has a distinctly Anubis feel to his design. He is shown hounding his hounds (hah) so that they chase down a specific threat and seems to be able to bring more of them into being as he does.


Talking of Hounds, we also got these neat Hounds Of Set who are shown rushing forward to hunt down their prey. I like that their designs mirror their master quite nicely.


As well as the one rushing forward you also have a second Hound who is looking a bit more alert and watching for its next meal. I like the mix of the organic and the Fantastical alongside the Steampunk which creatures a really refreshing aesthetic.

Finally from the set, you also have the Rotten Mummy. This fellow was most likely a guard of some renowned back when he was living and looks to carry on his task into the realm of the dead too.


These new creations have risen from the dead in order to fight for The Scions Of The Sands and give their aid. I think you'll agree that they are absolutely exceptional sculpts from Lux Thantor and are a nice addition to their already exhaustive 32mm range.

What do you make of these new undead creatures?

"I think you'll agree that they are absolutely exceptional sculpts from Lux Thantor..."

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