Durgin Paint Forge Preview More Of Their Elf Archers

June 4, 2020 by brennon

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Durgin Paint Forge continues to impress with their previews of the new Elf Archers that are coming to their world of Inneath. This character joins their wonderful miniature wargaming range which is coming to Kickstarter and their own webstore in the future.

Elf Archers #1 - Durgin Paint Forge.jpg

Elf Archer - Noble Arrow

This character is called the Noble Arrow and feeds into the idea of drawing on Asian themes and aesthetics for the range as a whole. She is a little bit different from her companions as she isn't interested in stealth. Instead, she is going to be taking to the forefront of your warband and dealing with her foes head-on.

Here is the rest of her band of Elf Archers so you can see a comparison against them as a whole. Here you can see the difference with the others draped in their leaf cloaks.

Elf Archers #2 - Durgin Paint Forge

Elf Archers Group

Again, this is a wonderful range of miniatures for an inventive world. I think there is a lot of fun painting ideas you can play with here, either going for something incredibly natural and wild or perhaps a little bit off the wall. Imagine them done in pinks, blues and lurid colours!

Are you tempted to go and check out more from Durgin Paint Forge?

"Imagine them done in pinks, blues and lurid colours!"

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