Puppets War Embrace The Post-Apocalypse & Demon Hordes

February 16, 2018 by brennon

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Puppets War shared some more work-in-progress images from their workbench this week including a look at some upcoming Post-Apocalyptic Bodies which will be making the rounds in the near future.

Post-Apocalyptic Survivors - Puppets War

This set features some of their existing bits and bobs but with a new twist thanks to the addition of plenty of spikes, tattered cloth and studs stuck through leather. I could see these being used for alternative gangs in Necromunda.

Demon Summoning

Whilst the post-apocalypse is indeed a scary prospect the coming of ancient demons to devour your soul is another thing entirely. Here was the roaring face they shared recently...

Puppets War Demon Preview

This fellow is meant to be a much larger creature than we're used to from Puppets War. Asked whether or not this would be comparable to a Guardsmen, they replied with 'much bigger'. It would be awesome to see them do a series of Demons somewhat inspired by DOOM so you could have a slavering horde of beasts to drop onto the tabletop that looked in line with that aesthetic.

What do you think of these new previews?

"...the coming of ancient demons to devour your soul is another thing entirely!"

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