Exclusive First Look! A Terrible Tooting Musician For Moonstone!

September 15, 2023 by avernos

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The Multi-Award winning Moonstone is ramping up for a Kickstarter that may be the end of us all in Tauber, with the return of King Chernitt and with him a new faction for the whimsical world as Goblin King Games give us their spin on undead and the Shades of Moonreach.

The Terrible Musician Art

The Terrible Musician // Shades of Moonreach

Psychopomps are strange spiritual beings that live in the Deadlands and tend to the needs of the dead, providing entertainment, aid, and solace. As the Shades are pulled from the deadlands, they bring psychopomps with them in the tide of magic. In game they are summoned in a similar way to Boris's bunnies or the jackalope, allowing your opponent to play a game of wack-a-mole with the little beggars.

The Terrible Musician // Moonstone

This hairy little fellow looks like a gnome that needs to wax as he does his best to tootle away as a one-gnome-psychopomp-band to the amusement of others. The Elizabethian style courtly clothes are very fitting for one who may have to do a turn in front of King Cherrnit as you must always look one's best for royalty, also he reminds me of Columbo playing the tuba but that's another story.

Terrible Musician Stat Card WIP

The Terrible Musician // Goblin King Games

The Terrible Musician once summoned has some interesting attributes. Unlike the Brave Sir Pidge, the Musician is very much a support character and not a fighter. Dealing -2 Damage with a melee of 1 is not only not ideal but probably means you have bigger issues with the scenario if that is occurring, also being feeble means they're not the greatest at digging for moonstones (just regular moonstones, not the Multi-Award Winning Moonstone).

But what is this delightful minion good for? Debuffs. With a passive Dreadful Din enemies within 2" are losing one from both their melee and arcane stats, combine that with his Evade of -1 and getting up in a caster's face will cause them to back off lest they be undone by noise.

Of course, if they choose to not back off you can make that choice for them with the Arcane ability of Appalling Acoustics that allows you to shunt enemies around X" via a blast on the old noise horn. Having an Arcane stat of 3 is very healthy and should enable you to see it off more often than not and why would you not? The denizens of Tauber need to learn what good music is.

The Kickstarter is upcoming in October and you can sign up to the newsletter or the Kickstarter page to be notified when it goes live.

Have you tried the Multi-Award Winning Moonstone?

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