Expand Your St Isaac Force In Dark Age With Captain Cora & More

November 30, 2015 by brennon

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The Dark Age crew have a big bundle of new miniatures making their way to retailers this week. These squads and characters help build on the Saint Isaac faction starting with Captain Cora

Captain Cora

If you're looking for someone for a special mission then I think that she's your girl. She looks suited and booted ready for a good firefight.

Additionally this builds on my theory that the Saint Isaac crew are probably the best of the Dark Age bunch with some brilliant looking miniatures including these Controllers.


I would certainly trust these guys to clear out a nest of bad guys easily. All of them look to be armed with a range of automatic shotguns. I think the chap pointing is rather comical but the others are great.

Creepy Crawlies

Following up from them we have the Centipedes which are something a bit different compared to these specialist troopers.


I love the fact that they can roll up and race around the board. They have something of the Droideka from Star Wars too don't you think?


Last but not least we have the Strike Team who are a very different looking unit. They look like they have been drawn from the Dark Eldar or something with their lithe appearance and delicate but deadly blades.

Strike & Leader

The set comes with a leader and the rest of their crew ready to slice and dice.

What will you be going for with Dark Age?

"She looks suited and booted ready for a good firefight..."

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