See Fantastic Purgatory Card Art By Underestimated Games

March 20, 2017 by deltagamegirl22

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You'll never not hear me say it- and yes, I'm perfectly aware that I say it ALL THE TIME, but art really helps tell the story of a game and who the characters are in that world.

Purg1 nun art

Our friends at Underestimated Games have dropped some gorgeous pictures in their most recent Kickstarter update for Purgatory, and they do a great job of capturing a snapshot of what the people/creatures in Purgatory look and feel like.

Purg2 moloch art

Purg3 godmother art

The images not only capture their physical likeness, but they invoke a feeling from the character. This can be anything from anger, fear, rage, or lust, but no matter what they leave you wanting more.

Purg4 vulture art

Purg5 jack art

These pieces of art will be the San Ban cards and will be used for other things but you will get to play with these cards as the side game for Purgatory.

Purg6 shaquanda art

How cool is that?

What do you think of the latest images from Purgatory?

" will get to play with these cards as the side game for Purgatory"

Supported by (Turn Off)

Supported by (Turn Off)