FFG Preview Captain American Hero Pack For Marvel Champions LCG

September 11, 2019 by brennon

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Fantasy Flight Games have finally given us a preview for the much-awaited first Hero Pack for Marvel Champions: The Card Game. Captain America is coming to support your team of heroes against all manner of foes.

Captain America Card Fan - FFG

The set will come with a pre-built deck which allows you to use Captain America straight away. He comes with his own iconic cards which feed into his character and abilities plus a selection of Leadership cards which is his go-to build. You can, of course, switch things up and have Captain America take on a different role if you wish but this gives you an indication of how he should be played, to begin with.

A big focus is on bringing his character to life so as well as the shield and plenty of cards where he can just keep on battling you also have cards which help your other heroes. One of the coolest things has been seeing his different abilities, be it as Captain America or Steve Rogers. "I Can Do This All Day" makes him a really heavy-hitting character that can either step up against your nemesis or take the brunt of the hits. As Steve Rogers he can help reduce the cost of the allies you bring nito play, calling on their aid against your foes.

Allies like Falcon perhaps!

Falcon Ally - FFG

Each Hero Pack also comes with an array of obligations and nemesis elements which help add the flavour of that particular character into any encounter. In the case of Captain America, he might find himself having to deal with the nefarious Baron Zemo!

Baron Zemo - FFG

So, as well as having to deal with battling against Rhino or Ultron you'll also have to contend with Baron Zemo popping up and causing even more chaos.

It's awesome to see Captain America arriving as the first Hero Pack for Marvel Champions and hopefully, we see Thor sooner rather than later!

Could you see yourself playing as Captain America?

"...hopefully, we see Thor sooner rather than later!"

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