Firelock’s Fire On The Frontier Expansion Goes Up For Pre-Order!

November 8, 2021 by brennon

Firelock Games' next expansion for Blood & Plunder is now available to pre-order! Fire On The Frontier allows you to play out King Philip’s War and King William’s War following a cycle of violence from the 1670s through to the 1690s and beyond.

Fire On The Frontier - Blood & Plunder

Fire On The Frontier // Blood & Plunder

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The book is going to be available either physically or in PDF form (you can also get both!) allowing you to dive into Blood & Plunder however you prefer. Inside, you'll find new force lists for those looking to fight on the Frontier and explore the King Philip and King William Wars.

You'll also find new historical characters for you to take to the battlefield with and expanded rules for using fortifications in your games. It's always handy to have a solid fort to hide in from enemy attacks! There are also loads of new scenarios themed around the War On The Frontier and more besides.

New Miniatures

There are a few miniature releases to go alongside the release of this book too. We start with "King Philip" or using his real name, Metacom.

King Philip - Blood & Plunder

"King Philip" Metacom // Blood & Plunder

Metacom led fights against the English settlers after they hanged three Wampanoag men. At the head of an alliance of Wampanoag, Narraganset, Abenaki, Nipmuc, and Mohawk, he was able to achieve early victories. He was adept at leading ambushes, getting as close as possible to the enemy before launching a surprise attack and taking them unawares. Attack quickly, cause as much havoc as possible and then vanish off into the woods and swamps as quickly as they had arrived. A sterling tactic to use on the colonists.

Alas, he was eventually defeated thanks to a mix of logistic issues, mounting casualties and betrayal. A sad end for a fascinating military leader of the period that might be worth taking command of during your games of Blood & Plunder.

Next up, we have Benjamin Church fighting for the British.

Benjamin Church - Blood & Plunder

Benjamin Church // Blood & Plunder

Major Benjamin Church was another effective military commander of the period. He was the figure mentioned above who was able to bring together European and Native American battle tactics to great effect and is now regarded as the original American Ranger. His “Praying Indians” and New England Militia would be the force the brought Metacom low and ended his offensive against the colonists and settlers.

If you fancy bringing together a force that combines the Native Americans with the Europeans then Benjamin Church is worth considering as your leader. Both characters look great and continue the sterling array of options available from the Firelock Games team.

There are also two new sets of soldiers that your characters can lead into battle. You have the Young Braves...

Young Braves - Blood & Plunder

Young Braves // Blood & Plunder

...and the Pnieses.

Pnieses - Blood & Plunder

Pnieses // Blood & Plunder

The Young Braves offer up a solid core of soldiers that you could use alongside your European armies or as a force of their own. They were tried and tested warriors despite being young and would have been a fearsome foe.

On the other hand, you have the Pnieses who were veteran close combat fighters. They were deadly with their war clubs but also their muskets when required. They would often have been counsellors and bodyguards for the Sachem/Chief and a seriously fearsome fighting force to contend with.

Are you tempted by Fire On The Frontier for Blood & Plunder?

"Inside, you'll find new force lists for those looking to fight on the Frontier and explore the King Philip and King William Wars..."

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