Moonstone’s Firespitter Miniature Is Up On Kickstarter

June 9, 2016 by deltagamegirl22

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Those of you looking to add a fantastic character or two to your fantasy miniature collections, should definitely have a look at the mini Kickstarter for the Firespitter Miniature From Moonstone Fantasy Skirmish Game. I've been talking about this project for a few weeks now, and now's your opportunity to back this stunning mini and show support for the wonderful work in progress, skirmish game, Moonstone.

Moonstone ks

The Firespitter is one of the many characters to come from the Moonstone universe from Goblin King Games. This colorful character is a 32mm mini, sculpted by Tom Lishman and cast by Hysterical Games. He's made of great quality resin and will look amazing on your shelf or cause plenty of trouble in many 28-32mm fantasy games.

moonstone firespitter ks pic

The game Moonstone is in its beta testing and will have rules shared in the very near future. This project will fund future models and further development of the game. You can follow along with the game's development on their Moonstone Facebook page.

After getting a close up look at one of these models recently, I have to say that I am really impressed. It goes together beautifully and retains all of it's wonderful details from the images you see in the project.

MS fancyhat1

Even as a mini Kickstarter, there are still stretch goals, one of which is a second beautiful miniature, the Baron Von Fancyhat. The Baron unlocks down the line and will be available as an additional purchase option, and frankly is a must have. His larger than life character will undoubtedly add charisma to any adventuring party.

What do you think of this pair of colorful characters for Moonstone?

"The game Moonstone is in its beta testing and will have rules shared in the very near future..."

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