First Sculpts Completed For Hobday & Hicks Barons’ War Range

July 17, 2019 by brennon

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Andy Hobday & Paul Hicks have previewed some of the work going on behind the scenes as their Barons' War range comes to life. The first sculpts have been completed by Paul Hicks and they are looking very cool indeed.

The Barons War #1 - Footsore Miniatures

It looks like there were two Barons' Wars in England throughout the 1200s. The first was staged between 1215–1217 when Barons led by Robert Fitzwalter waged a war against the King Of England at the time, John.

Barons War Painted Figures

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The Second Barons' War was between 1264–1267 and featured Simon de Montfort going up against King Henry III and later his son, Edward. I wasn't entirely sure which of the Barons' Wars this set of miniatures was meant to be used for but I am reliably informed by the forums that this is for the first. I would imagine the armour won't have changed much between the two different conflicts though but I'm sure a boffin can tell me otherwise!

The Barons War #2 - Footsore Miniatures

The set of miniatures covers an array of different heavily armoured and lightly armoured troops and characters for those battling on the tabletop during the Medieval period. My particular favourites are these archers. I absolutely love archers and archery in general and it's always good to see a good bowman. They don't get enough kudos!

The Barons War #3 - Footsore Miniatures

There are twenty finalised miniatures and you can check out the rest HERE over on Facebook. I think these miniatures are looking awesome and it would be great to see this become the start of an expanded line-up where we're thrown deeper into this Medieval conflict.

What do you make of the new range from Hobday & Hicks?

"My particular favourites are the archers..."

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