Fragging Unicorn Discuss Stats In Gangs Of The Undercity

March 10, 2020 by brennon

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The team at Fragging Unicorn are giving us another insight into the world of Gangs Of The Undercity, their upcoming Sci-Fi skirmisher, with a peek at a gang models statistic block and what it all means for you when you're picking your group of heroes or villains.

Gang Models - Fragging Unicorn Games

Pretty much every character in the game is going to have this set of attributes which will determine how good they are at different actions in-game...

  • BRAWN: Also called BRW, Brawn represents how hearty a Model is and how much damage it can take. When a Model takes damage, their Brawn is reduced, and when a Model’s Brawn reaches 0, it is Defeated.
  • SPEED: Also called SPD, Speed determines how far, in inches, that Model can move in a Round.
  • PROWESS: Also called PRO, Prowess is an abstract of a Model’s dexterity, agility, and competence. A Model’s Prowess rank is the number of dice added to its Attack rolls when using weapons, among other things.
  • SKILL: Also called SKI, Skill shows how easy it is for that Model to achieve success on any given action (usually Combat). A 5+ Skill indicates the acting Model would need a roll of 5 or higher to succeed, thus 5+.
  • DEFENCE: Also called DEF, Defense is used to determine a Model’s ability to resist Attacks that hit. By Default, Models do not have a Defense Attribute.
  • AEGIS: Also called AEG, is Magical Defense. Models with Aegis may make a different sort of Defense Test than is given by armour.
  • COMPOSURE: Also called COM, Composure measures how brave, cool under fire, or good at keeping it together, a Model can be when faced with supernatural threats, technological horror, and wanton street violence.
  • MAGIC: Also called MAG, Magic indicates how powerful the Model is manipulating the magic forces of the world. Not all Models have a Magic score.
  • TECHNOLOGY: Also called TEC, Technology measures how adept the Model is at using and Breaching Cybertechnology such as C-Links and Exploits. Not all Models have a Technology score.

This gives you a pretty comprehensive breakdown of how all of that works. Models will also have a selection of additional information regarding Keywords, Base Size, Gear, and Points Value. All of the fine-tuning is happening right now through playtesting but I am already intrigued to see how all of this comes together to create the dynamic and cinematic game they have promised.

The team are also looking for any nudges from the community as to what they should be showing off next. So, if you have any ideas, head on over to their blog and follow the information there in order to put forth your questions.

Have you been keeping up with Gangs Of The Undercity news?

"Have you been keeping up with Gangs Of The Undercity news?"

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