Good Grud, Warlord Games Acquire Rights To 2000 AD Comics!

December 15, 2016 by dracs

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Warlord Games have announced that they have obtained the license to produce a series of miniature games based on the popular British anthology comic book series 2000 AD.


2000 AD is a long running pulp sci-fi, fantasy, horror and action comic series that has been home to many classic characters over its 40 year long run. These have included such series as Strontium Dog, Rogue Trooper and, of course, Judge Dredd.

Judge Dredd

Here is the announcement itself from Warlord Games...

"Warlord Games is to produce a new line of miniatures and games based on the legendary British comic book, 2000 AD.

The worldwide licence covers miniatures games, scenery and collectable miniatures sets based on series and characters from weekly comic, which is the home of Judge Dredd, Strontium Dog, Nemesis the Warlock, and a whole galaxy of characters from over 40 years.

Game development and designs are in the very early stages but initial plans are for a game based on the world of Strontium Dog, the popular futuristic Wild West-style series where mutated humans such as Johnny Alpha are forced to become bounty hunters."
Warlord Games

Strontium Dog

Warlord had previously produced a game and line of miniatures based around the Judge Dredd franchise, but now they have the entirety of 2000 AD's joyfully mad pool to play in.

Judge Dredd Miniatures Game

Whether this could mean Warlord plans to revive their Judge Dredd game, or possibly rebuild it entirely from the ground up is yet to be seen. However, I for one am really excited for this news and will look forward to see what they come out with for Strontium Dog.

This is drokking exciting stuff!

Which 2000 AD model do you particularly want to see in miniature form?

"Now [Warlord] have the entirety of 2000 AD's joyfully mad pool to play in..."

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