Grimforge’s Magos Of The Cult Spouts Chants Of Chaotic Wisdom

October 10, 2018 by brennon

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Grimforge has been working away on a strange selection of warped and demented miniatures for their Spoils Of Kadath range and one of them is the terrifying Magos Of The Cult.

Magos Of The Cult - Grimforge

Plenty of more quirky and strange miniatures have been added to their collection already but this Magos really drew me because of that almost Del Toro style to his design. You could imagine him as a worshipper of Cthulu (check out that pendant!), being hunted down by your heroes in a game like Achtung! Cthulhu.

Magos Of The Cult (Alt) - Grimforge

If you were to use him away from his typical environment he might also make a great sorcerer to throw into a Chaos-based army on the tabletop. You could imagine him being wracked with magical energy, his body withering away into a husk as he uses it to fuel his magical attacks on the enemy.

What do you make of the Magos and have you checked out the Grimforge collection?

Let us know below...

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