Halloween Brings Out Witches And Woes For Malifaux

September 17, 2020 by avernos

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Wyrd Miniatures enjoy the holidays as much as the rest of us, possibly even more so. For while many companies will do sales or special offers they like to be...well Wyrd about it, and instead offer limited holiday-themed versions of miniatures for Malifaux. Available throughout October and November only through the webstore and local game stores before vanishing to only re-appear at future special sales.

witches and woes

Witches and Woes // Wyrd Miniatures

Witches and Woes is an alternative version of Pandora's set for the Neverborn faction in Malifaux. The set contains five preassembled plastic miniatures to represent the titular witch Pandora, along with a Poltergeist and three Sorrows. All have been giving a fantastically fearsome make over for Halloween, with a scarecrow theme for the "Woes" making them look cohesive while still standing out as individuals. This is something Wyrd have always done incredibly well, for a skirmish game every model is a character, even those who may not warrant a name are still giving a level of detailing that many other games reserve for character models.

Pandora reminds me of the opening title animation for Bewitched, for you kids out there it was a tv series that you had to wait to watch on a tv once a week at a set time, sitting side-saddle on her broomstick and unleashing magic from a small box as a bat-winged cat stares daggers at someone from the tip of the broom, it's a stunningly good figure.


Candy // Malifaux


There are two miniatures missing from the Witches and Woes box that Pandora's regular set comes with, Candy (above) and Baby Kade (below) are separate from the Rotten Harvest. Fear not however and keep your receipts from your local game stores; if you spend $75 from September 25 – November 8, you’ll receive your choice of Rotten Harvest Candy or Baby Kade. If you spend $150, you’ll get both! If you don't get the chance to get them now they’ll be available during their Black Friday sale to purchase by themselves. So you don't have to worry about missing out if you just want a cute Baby Kade to haunt your shelves.

baby kade

Baby Kade // Malifaux

As always the game cards have been spookified to match the miniatures so you can go all-in with Pandora's band this Halloween. Wyrd pulls out all the stops and do some fantastic alternative sculpts for their figures and Witches and Woes is no exception. I've picked up several of their alternative models in the past just for my own personal amusement and I've never been let down, the kooky feel of the miniatures is matched by the crisp sculpt and production and sets like these are great for painters who want something different to challenge themselves with. You can find out more about the Rotten Harvest and how you can grab Candy and Kade at Wyrd's blog.

Will you be carving up a Rotten Harvest?

"Wyrd pulls out all the stops and do some fantastic alternative sculpts for their figures and Witches and Woes is no exception."

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