Head Back To Helm’s Deep In GW’s Middle-earth Strategy Battle Game

March 23, 2020 by brennon

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Games Workshop are looking back at the battle for Helm's Deep in the Middle-earth Strategy Battle Game with a set of re-released miniatures from days of yore! If you're looking to pick up some of those classic metal models from the time of the Two Towers box set then watch out next weekend.

Heroes Of Helms Deep - Games Workshop

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First up, we have one of my favourite sets from back in the day. This is the Heroes Of Helm's Deep set which features some awesome looking miniatures for Aragorn, Legolas and Gimli but also for Theoden and Gamling too. Gamling was always one of my favourite characters from the Rohan side of things and I always loved this version of him, grim and resolute as he stands ready to accept the charge of the enemy.

Also, you get that sterling looking sculpt for Eowyn. I have the armoured version of her someone in a box but this is a great sculpt which really matches her heroic nature. She is ready with sword in hand, ready to defender those trapped deep underground by the Uruk-Hai. In an alternative scene, Arwen was also to turn up at Helm's Deep rather than Haldir and there was going to be a fight in the Glittering Caves, no doubt something which inspired this sculpt.

The range expands to include loads of other cool characters including a Mounted Theoden here from the Warg Attack scenario as the people of Edoras make their way across the plains.

Theoden - Games Workshop

You can even get yourself a little vignette to paint instead of snapping something up to use in battle. Taken from a scene in the extended edition of the film we have Gimli chilling out on a dead Uruk-Hai with his axe embedded in its nervous system (who Gimli knows what a nervous system is...we'll never know).

Gimli - Games Workshop

There are a lot of other miniatures in the mix including Uruk Hai siege units, Warg Riders and Haldir's Elves in their glittering armour but you can also snap yourself up this twisted and brutal looking Ent who is ready to break down the machines of Saruman.

Ent - Games Workshop

Available from Saturday 28th March, this collection will be part of their Made To Order system. This means that these models will be around for a week before they vanish back into the West. So, if you missed out on some of these models the first time, it's well worth diving in and checking out more of what's available HERE.

Are you going to dive in and pick up these models?

"...these models will be around for a week before they vanish back into the West"

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