Heresylab’s Witchfire & Sword Kickstarter Is Now Live

February 9, 2021 by avernos

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Heresylab have returned to the old world for the fourth time as they bring us three brand new sets of miniatures to add to your fantasy games.

Witchfire & Sword // Heresylab

For fans of Oldhammer and Mordheim, in particular, Heresylab's first three kickstarters have already served up a range of figures that are perfect to serve as militant nuns, knightly orders or mad old women chucking cats around (my personal favourite) and I expect with today's campaign now live that this one will blow up fast.

As you can see from the group shot there are three new groups of figures coming to fight among the ruins of the old city, the Amber Husaria, the Ancient Ones, and Citizens 4.0.

Huzzah For Hussars // Heresylab

The Husaria and Ancient Ones start with twelve figures each and three more are available as stretch goals to unlock during the campaign to bring them up to a healthy fifteen, while the Citizens have ten starting models and a total warband of thirteen if all the goals are hit.

The Amber Husaria

Riding from the east the Amber Husaria arrives! Escorting a caravan of rich magical Amber merchants, they are ready to help the city and fight back The Ancient One's incursion coming from the Silent District. With the interwebz blowing up last week with the announcement of Warhammer Total War III and the addition of Kislevites I think it's safe to say that Heresylab has fluked a big win with the timing of this warband.

As you can see the miniature looks terrific and the pose gives me flashbacks to the sabre duel in The Deluge, he is not a man who is about to stand aside for anyone. Apart from the winged hussar, there are also plenty of other characters to fill whatever model niches you may have in building a Kislev warband as you can see below.

Amber Husaria

I don't know why he needs a sword when he has a loaded bear, I suppose it may be a backup. The Husaria have a mixture of weapons, bears aside, you can find musketeers using bardiche axes to stabilise their shots, sabres, pistols and archers. The figures look terrific and are a mix of poses to give a truly individual look across the board.

Lord Corbhan // Heresylab

The Ancient Ones

Rising from their graves thanks to the mixed efforts of  Hans the Flayer and The Crimson Knight, the spirits of the Ancient Ones spill around the city! The first to come out of its grave is Lord Corbhan The Ironhand, ready to muster and command a horde of shambling zombies that attack the citizens and make them join their ranks! Apart from the barrow wight the Ancient Ones also have mustered a pair of necromancers, they could be master an apprentice but I find it prudent not to pry too much into their affairs. Shambling along with them are nine of the finest recently deceased to add to the ranks.



Putting The Fun In (F)Undead

The thing I love about the undead is that they are based on (mostly) citizens there are a few that have been harvested from the ranks of those that have fought against them, but the inclusion of zombie versions of miniatures you can get from the living range is particularly good for narrative campaigns or if you're playing a friend and managed to polish off his leader being able to bring that model back as a deadite is great for bragging rights and psychological warfare.

Can I Give You A Hand?


Taking a slightly different tack the citizen set contains some additional miniatures for each of the warbands in this campaign as well as reinforcing previous warbands. The orc is a standout figure for either a monster or an equal opportunities warband, but for me, my favourite figure in this set is a tie between the beggar girl and the tinker/trader, carrying all his own wares and even a sign to advertise what he's up to. A blend of Monty Python and Terry Pratchett that adds a bit of realism to the living city and helps it feel less sterile by their addition. That is not to say there aren't fighters in the set, however...

Hunter and Witch In The Same Pack?

The campaign is set to run for three weeks and you can anything you want from single figures that catch your eye to the whole run of the new miniatures, or if you missed out on previous campaigns you can snaffle them at a discount to what you'd normally pay on the store. The thing that appeals to me is that they are available as resin miniatures or if you have moved into the digital age you can pick up the STLs instead and print them at home yourself. If you're wondering how they will turn out I can answer that for you as I was lucky enough to be sent some resin and home-printed miniatures.


The Unusual Suspects // Witchfire & Sword

As you can see the detail and resolution on the 3D printed miniatures is very good, I have been told that it is a home printer so for 3D printing fans this is probably the minimum you can expect from a resin printer if you know what you're doing, while you can see a comparison for a resin miniature on the left alongside a home-printed caster on the right and her 3D render is above.


Compare and Contrast // Heresylab

The resins were crisply cast, with practically no flashing or mould lines and went together beautifully while the 3D prints have excellent detail so whatever form takes your fancy you can be sure that you will not be disappointed in the quality of the figures you can get from this expanding range. The miniatures have a wealth of detail without being overly fussy and nicely bridge the gap to satisfy gamers who want to get minis on the table quickly and hardcore painters who can really go to town on these figures.

There is a free model if you back within the first 48 hours and order over ten figures, but he's also available to purchase from the third day and a previous Kickstarter exclusive has reappeared in the addons section if you fancy a paladin to aid in fighting off the ranks of the undead. I would definitely direct your attention to the Order of the Flaming Lys if you miss your Bretonnians then you should find your appetite sated there. Now the only question is how high do they have to reach before they could be persuaded to add some bear cavalry for the Amber Husaria?

Faith of our fathers burning still in spite of dungeon, fire, and sword...

"Now the only question is how high do they have to reach before they could be persuaded to add some bear cavalry for the Amber Husaria?"

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