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March 27, 2020 by brennon

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Available on Patreon right now, Yannick Hennebo is sculpting 3D miniatures for you to download and print off at home. If you pledge to support each month to Hero Spawn Spot you're going to get access to some great looking files which you can use on your own tabletops.

Hero Spawn Spot Renders #1

The first crop of miniatures is this collection of Religious Wanderers who try to aid those they can on their travels across the world. The collection features some really neat looking miniatures including male and female characters plus mounted and on-foot versions of each.

Hero Spawn Spot Renders #2

These look like they would be an awesome match to a Fantasy army which has a really devout theme to it. I could see these characters as the leaders of your force or perhaps the ones working behind the scenes to keep your troop's morale up as they face off against the enemy.

As well as the two characters above you've also got a band of ace looking Monks who could be characters in their own right or used as a unit as you can see here.

Hero Spawn Spot Renders #4

I've been watching Critical Role for the past few years and in Campaign Two Marisha Ray plus a Monk of the Cobalt Soul. I think these characters would be awesome to represent Monks of that style on the tabletop and you've got both male and female versions to pick from.

Finally, I wanted to show off this magnificent larger miniature from the collection. See what you think of this fellow!

Hero Spawn Spot Renders #3

He could be the most epic version of a Paladin that you've ever brought to the tabletop or a Saint who can be summoned into battle by those around him who pray hard enough. He looks like a proper avenging angel and would work nicely in a Basilean force for Kings Of War for example.

As well as being an epic miniature for the tabletop, this fellow would also make a great painting project. So, you could get some serious hobby done as you print him off, clean up the model and then dive into the painting too.

What do you make of this collection from Hero Spawn Spot?

"What do you make of this collection from Hero Spawn Spot?"

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Supported by (Turn Off)