Hicks & Hobday’s Barons’ War Coming To Kickstarter

August 22, 2019 by brennon

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It has been announced that Hicks & Hobday's The Barons' War miniature range is going to be coming to Kickstarter on September 15th and then will be manufactured and delivered via Footsore Miniatures & Games.

Barons War Kickstarter - Foostore Miniatures

We've been seeing some previews for this over the coming weeks and it is nearly time for this range to hit the tabletop. You can find out more about The Barons' War period and see the previews HERE.

The key thing here is that the team are looking to focus on the first Barons' War to begin with but they are also looking to head towards the second later on down the line. The time period within which this spans though is fairly small so models could well be used for both. The element that will change the most between the two wars is the set of characters you'll be using.

Are you going to pick these up when they arrive on Kickstarter?

"Are you going to pick these up when they arrive on Kickstarter?"

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